Meet the people that make it all happen

At Fresh Source we prefer a personal touch when it comes to business. That is why we would like to introduce our team.

Hans de Waard: Spanish outdoor-grown vegetables

‘My grandfather owned a wholesaler and had a stall at the market each week. I started helping him when I was very young. After I worked as a supervisor in a shop and after working at The Greenery, I founded Fresh Source. A number of producers of outdoor-grown vegetables from Spain were looking for a sales office in the Netherlands. For seven months each year, Fresh Source fills the gap in the Dutch fresh produce market with Spanish produce that meets Dutch quality standards. We may not be a big company, but Fresh Source is great at ensuring reliable supply of high-quality products.’

Henk Rozema: European fruit

‘At Fresh Source we deliver fruit, but we include specials in our product range. This is our way of offering just a bit more, something that other fruit suppliers do not think is viable to include in their respective product ranges. The specials are predominantly products that are popular among clients of Turkish and Moroccan descent. It is especially hectic during summertime. No two days are the same, but that’s what makes this business so interesting. My dad was a stallholder and wholesaler of vegetables and fruit, so that knowledge was ingrained in my upbringing.

Martin Oudenes: exotic products

‘I was about eleven or twelve years old when I started working in the sector. I built on that experience by working both at an importer and exporter of vegetables and fruit and at The Greenery. The contacts I made during those years still benefit me to this day. I know my way around the world of exotic produce. It is a growing product group, but the different products require special attention. In my role as the link between producers around the world and the Dutch market, I provide convenience to the buyers. They need to be able to trust in the quality, even if a product is literally shipped from the other side of the globe.

Charlotte Andeweg: accounting

‘I perform all accounting work that happens at Fresh Source, such as inputting invoices. I started working in this role by chance, because I already knew Hans and he asked me to join when his workload kept increasing. I really like working for Fresh source and already know many clients. It is really interesting to see how the process works – from producer to supermarket. An important part in that process is making sure that the accounting process works smoothly.

Jessica von Bannisseht: accounting

I was the fifth person to join, and the world of trading vegetables and fruits was rather new to me. For example, I had never heard of a product like the persimmon. Together with Charlotte, I handle the accounting of Fresh Source. I have many years of experience in accounting, because I performed work like this at Veritas Petroleum and Bolidt Kunststof. At Fresh Source, we use a well-designed accounting system because you can quickly find something you are looking for. The advantage of working in a small company is that you can always ask a colleague.’

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