Fresh Source

Fresh with vitamin E or E for Efficiency

Fresh Source was founded in 2014. Since then we have become a trusted partner to a number of large producers around the globe who allow us to represent their products in the Netherlands. We are able to do this thanks to our small team of employees, each of whom is responsible for their own product group. The specialists in the Fresh Source team have many years of experience between them in their market segment. This means that producers and clients can always expect to speak to an experienced contact person.

Our vision

Fresh Source was founded to make the fresh produce sector more efficient. We do this by bringing producers and customers into contact with one another via the shortest route. In short, products go straight to the point of sale. By combining shipments in the country of origin, we reduce unnecessary kilometres travelled for transport.   The small scale of the organization ensures that the overheads remain as low as possible. We exclusively represent foreign producers that meet high Dutch standards. Our lean-and-mean organization enables us to set fair prices.

Our working method

Fresh Source works in a different way. We are more transparent and decisive while offering a more personal touch. Producers and customers can always count on speaking to their own specialist who combines knowledge of the market with insight into customer needs. For example, they look to work with retail when writing annual programmes or by inventorying which products could supplement the products on offer. We gladly guarantee the reliability of deliveries or otherwise. Once we make an agreement, we stick to it.

We move from A to B, instead of from A to E.

Our producers

Fresh Source works with a number of large plant growing companies abroad. As an example, in Spain we sell outdoor-grown vegetables as representatives of several large plant growing companies from the Netherlands. Together, these companies own over 12,000 hectares of land. The companies are organized in a professional manner, guarantee reliability of deliveries, and have a number of cultivation locations at their disposal.

Thanks to the optimal distribution of the cultivation locations, Fresh Source can guarantee sufficient supply even in severe weather conditions. Additionally, we ship products from other countries such as Greece, Egypt, and China. We also ship products in the exotic product group from locations around the world. We maintain daily contact with producers. Furthermore, we regularly visit companies to monitor the situations at their sites.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

We want to keep the environmental impact at a minimum. That is why we and our producers adhere to strict benchmarks in cultivation and sales processes. Producers work in accordance with European regulations concerning the environment, such as Planet Proof. We can also meet the strict zero-residue requirements laid down by retailers. We are leading the charge by using compostable materials to make product packaging. We are reducing the environmental impact significantly in logistics processes by employing a smart collection system to reduce the need for transport kilometres for outdoor-grown vegetables in Spain. When the products have been shipped to the Netherlands, they are immediately delivered to the distribution centres and other addresses.

The most direct route from producer to consumer